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ACF bonding head/ACF bonder

ACF bonding head

ACF bonding head also name:ACF/TAB/COF/COG/FOG/FPC/FOF Bonding machine press head /bonding tip/welding heads/ Hot Bar / soldering heads / heater tip / heater tools/ thermode for hot bar / ACF Bonding machine cutter head/bonding cutter/heat cutter……

Panasonic FOG press head

It have pulse heating and constant temperature bonding head.


Normal materials:

-SUS440C steel(440C不锈钢)

-Tungsten steel(钨钢,钨钢(硬质合金)具有硬度高、耐磨、强度和韧性较好、耐热、耐腐蚀等一系列优良性能,特别是它的高硬度和耐磨性,即使在500℃的温度下也基本保持不变,在1000℃时仍有很高的硬度 )

-Titanium alloy (normal used in pulse heating bonding machine), (钛合金,脉冲压头一般用钛合金制作)

-Ceramic (陶瓷,一般用在COG压头)

-Brass (黄铜)

-and others.


It will be different sizes for different products, such as TV Panel/cell phone/Touch panel/camera/watch/ Heat Seal Paper/, every products have the different shapes and sizes, so we need to make the customized bonding head according to your products.


ACF Bonding head has for many years, been used in glass display applications. Recently, it is also becoming widely used in TAB,COG,FOG,FOB,FOF,COF,COB areas.

– TAB Bonding (TCP-PCB / TCP-LCD)

– COG Bonding (IC-LCD)

– COB Bonding (IC-PCB)

– COF Bonding (COF-LCD/PCB)

– FOG Bonding(FPC-LCD)

– FOB Bonding(FPC-PCB)

– FOF Bonding(FPC-FPC)

– Plasma Display (FPC-PDP)

– Flip Chip Package

– ……


-Heat cure

-Fast bonding time

-High adhesion to plastic PET,COF & FPC, substrate

-Excellent thermal stability

-Good contact resistance for reliability

-Good corrosion resistance

-Excellent chemical resistance

-Good for wide bonding temperature range

-Replaces solder for lead-free solution


ACF bonding head
acf bonding head
ACF bonding head for TV Repairing COF bonding machine

Shenzhen Olian Automatci Equipment make all the ACF bonding machine heads/hot bar/welding tips……

Olian,is a high-tech enterprise established in 2008, specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of LCD/LED/OLED module automatic bonding machine (COG/FOG/ FOB/ACF/COF/OLB/TAB/FOF bonding machine)and all the parts,accessories(ACF tapes, ACF Remover, Blue glue, Acetone, Alcohol ,Customized bonding head, Quartz glass, Silicone tape, Teflon tape, Microscope, Air Compressor, COF cutter, Cleaning nanosponge, Cleaning clothes wiper, Ear buds, Pump bottles, T-bit, T-rubber, T-Iron, Magnifier lens, Allen key, Precision tweezers, Soldering Stations, Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun, LEDS,LVDS cables, LCD Test Board, LCD/LED Tester.RT809H programmer, Open cell, Polarizer, Backlight ,T-Con Board, Main-board, IC, TAB COF IC and others.)

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