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Bonding Machine&Machine Parts&Accessories

Shenzhen Olian Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a Professional LCD/LED/OLED bonding Machine Manufacturer. We do the Research&Develop&Design&Make&Sell the best and latest IC/COG/COB/COF/FPC/FOG/FOB/FOF/TAB/OLB/ACF Bonder/Bonding Machine and tools for TV/Mobilephone/Laptop/Watch/Touch and other Screens.We also offer all the bonding machine parts and all the accessories. Shenzhen Olian has become a well-known LCM complete line automation equipment solution provider in the industry with exquisite technology, high quality and efficient after-sales service.Welcome you to be our partners all over the world!

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COG Bonding machine

COG bonding machine,COG bonder, also name IC Bonding machine, Chip bonding machine, Chip on glass bonding machine, it is bonding the Chip IC on the glass using ACF conductive adhesive as medium, by a certain temperature, pressure, time, driver IC/COF bonded to glass.

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COF bonding machine

COF bonding machine for TV,COF bonder also name Tab bonding machine, ACF bonding machine, Chip on Film bonding machine. COF bonding is widely used in the TV/laptop/pad panel/COF mobilephone, it is very popular in the TV/laptop repairing for the LCD/LED/OLED panel bonding.

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FOG bonding machine

FOG bonding machine,FOG bonder,also name FOB bonding machine,FPC bonding machine,FPC Bonder, Flex cable bonding machine, FPC on glass or FPC on board, FPC on FPC, COF on Glass,COF on board,COF on film. It have Pulse heatingand constant temperature bonding machines.

Bonding Machine

ACF attach machine series, Plasma terminal cleaning series, Single and mult IC/COG/COB/COF bonding series, Single and multi stations FPC/FOG/FOB/FOF bonding (constant temperature/pulse heat bonding machine) series, OGS/On Cell/In Cell hot press series, OLB/PCB/TAB/COF/ACF bonding machinefor TV repairing series, COF punching series, Microscope series,and all kinds of non-standard equipment and intelligent factory all-in-1 solutions.

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COF bonding machine for TV Repair

COF bonding machine ,COF Bonder,COF(chip on film) bonding machine, also name ACF bonding machine, TAB bonding machine.

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COG bonding machine

COG bonding machine,COG Bonder,COG(Chip on Glass) bonding machine, IC bonding machine, Chip bonding machine,Cellphone IC bonding machine, Mobile phone COF Bonder.

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FOG bonding machine

FOG/FOB bonding machine,FOG(Flex cable on glass/board,Film on glass,FPC(Flexible print cable) on glass bonding machine,

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COF bonder

COF bonder,COF bonding machines, mobile phone COF bonder, COG bonder, FOG bonder,FOB bonder, ACF bonder

ACF bonding machine

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