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Bonding machine working videos

Bonding machine working videos

Bonding machine working videos

Some of our bonding machine working videos for your reference.

Bonding Machine, is the widely used machine in the LCD/LED/OLED, LCM/open cell/panel/screen/display produce factories and repairing service shops all over the world.

Our bonding machines,

Shenzhen olian all kinds of bonding machines

The Bonding Machine is based on the recent innovations as well as planned to repair the arrangements of LCD, LED,OLED, TV/television, Laptop, Pad, Cell phone, Watch, Touch Panel, Ad Player, and all the flat and edge screens.

The Bonding Machine may consist of HD Digital Microscope, and also has a Digital Pressure Gauge, and vacuum generator which may help to hold the panel during the bonding process. The bonding press head may press the IC/FPC/COF onto the LCD/LED/OLED Glass/PCB/FPC using ACF conductive adhesive as medium, by a certain temperature, pressure and time. also some bonding machine use the Solder paste as the medium.

Full automatic LCD making produce line:

Automatic machines: Glass cutting +Glass Grinding+Glass Cleaning+COG bonding+FOG bonding+Back light assembling

Glass cutting machine

Glass grinding and cleaning machine      

COG bonding +FOG bonding machine        

LCD back light assembling machine

Edge OLED screen full automatic bonding machine:

A small LCM factory bonding machines from Olian.

A Small LCM factory Semi-automatic bonding machines

Full automatic COG FOG bonding machines working videos Demo

Full automatic FOB bonding machine working videos
full automatic COG bonding machine working videos

15.6inch LCD bonding machines working videos:

Single side multi-segments ACF attaching machine working videos
15.6inch Single side multi-segments FOB bonding machines working video

ACF attaching machine working videos

ACF attaching on the glass ,ACF attaching on the PCB, ACF attaching on COF/FPC

3M Double-Sided Adhesive Attaching Machine

3M Double-Sided Adhesive Attaching Machine,PCB board attach double-sided adhesive machine

COF pre-bonding machine

COF pre-bonding machine for mobilephone

COG pre-bonding machine

COG pre-bonding ,IC pre-bonding on the glass

COG Main-bonding machine working videos

COG main-bonding ,IC main-bonding on the glass

COG bonding machine(full automatic)

Full automatic COG bonding machine ,glass cleaning, IC loading, ACF attaching,IC Pre-bonding,IC main-bonding,output…

Full automatic COG bonding machine ,glass cleaning, IC loading, ACF attaching,IC Pre-bonding,IC main-bonding,output…

FOG bonding machine working videos

FOG bonding machine,FPC bonding on glass

FOG full automatic bonding machine

FOG bonding machine(Rotary model)

FOG bonding machine(Rotary model)

IC disassembling machine

IC disassembling from the glass
IC disassembling working videos

Plasma cleaner video

COF bonding machine for TV repairng

COF bonding machine working video for repairing machine
COF bonding machine for 86inch panel for produce

COF bonding machine accessories

Our COF bonding machine and all the accessories list for TV/laptop panel repairing as below:

We also offer all the accessories: ACF tapes, ACF Remover, Blue glue, Acetone, Alcohol ,Customized bonding head, Quartz glass, Silicone tape, Teflon tape, Microscope, Air Compressor, COF cutter, Cleaning nanosponge, Cleaning clothes wiper, Ear buds, Pump bottles, T-bit, T-rubber, T-Iron, Magnifier lens, Allen key, Precision tweezers, Soldering Stations, Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun, LEDS,LVDS cables, LCD Test Board, LCD/LED Tester.RT809H programmer, Open cell, Polarizer, Backlight ,T-Con Board, Main-board, IC, TAB COF IC and others.

COF/TAB/ACF bonding machine

Small LCM making factory visiting video:

Shenzhen Olian welcome you visit us for more training if you want to buy any bonding machines.

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