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COF bonding machine

LCD panel bonding Machine

LCD panel bonding Machine

LCD panel bonding machine, widely used in the Phone/TV/Watch/Touch panel products produce and repairing area.

What is LCD ?

LCD Liquid crystal display (LCD) is LCD panel that is widely used in mobile phones, LCD, LCM and other production processes. Is composed of two glass sheets laminated together, the middle is LCD, the lower plate is TFT circuit, the board is RGB and subsidiary structure, Glass is called a glass substrate when the lcd production, which not been cut is called Glass, a process finished  cutting  called CELL.

LCD GLASS can be divided into TN, VA, IPS, CPA and many other types. Can largely determine the brightness of the LCD display, contrast, color, viewing angle and speed the development of LCD panel soon , the part of LCD panel with liquid crystal displays are very closely linked, its production and market environment, the pros and cons variety of factors related tothe quality of  the liquid crystal display , price and market trends, as an LCD display for about 80 percent of its costs are concentrated in the panel.

What is LCD PANEL?

LCD panel used in digital watches and clocks, and many display type of portable computer.LCD display to use two pieces of polarized materials, is a liquid crystal solution between them.Current by rearranging will make the liquid crystal, so that the light can’t through them.As a result, each crystal is like a shutter, both can allows light to pass through and can block the light.

Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology information Towards the target   OF thin, short, small development, display with a long history in computer peripheral products, of course, is no exception.Under easy to carry and transport for the former title, the traditional way of display, such as the CRT image tube display and LED display boards, etc., are subject to the volume is too large or giant factors such as power consumption, unable to reach the user’s actual demand.And the development of liquid crystal display technology is to the current trend of the information goods, whether it is right Angle display, low power consumption, small volume, or zero radiation, etc, can let users enjoy the best visual environment.

Application in the resistive screen, touch screen, capacitance composite and LCD screen, Lens and Lens laminating, LCD, LCM, OCA laminating, soft on soft joint, ITO film, PMMA, PC, PET, glass, electronic paper, projection screen assembly, display assembly, Lens assembly, G +  F +F resistive touch screens, F + F, capacitive touch screen, panel, ICON, and other related electronic.

LCD panel bonding machine

According to the different bonding materials, the bonding machine can be divided into different panelbonding machines.

LCD panel bonding machine -COG bonding machine

LCD panel bonding machine

COG bonding machine, also name IC Bonding machine, Chips bonding machine, COG(Chip on glass) bonding machine, it is bonding the Chip IC on the glass using ACF conductive adhesive as medium, by a certain temperature, pressure, time, driver IC will be bonded onto the glass. COG bonding machine has COG Pre-Bonding Machine and COG Main-Bonding Machine. They are all constant temperature machines. it maybe have single station ,double stations, three stations, and maybe four stations bonding machine.

LCD panel bonding machine – FOG bonding machine

LCD panel bonding machine

FOG bonding machine, also name FOB bonding machineFPC bonding machineFlex cable bonding machine.FOG(FPC on glass )or FOB(FPC on PCB Board), FOF(FPC on FPC), also COF on Glass bonding, COF on board bonding, COF on film bonding. It have Pulse Heating Bonding Machines and Constant Temperature Bonding Machines.

LCD panel bonding machine – ACF attaching machine

LCD panel bonding machine

ACF attaching machine which is attaching the ACF tape on the Glass/Board/FPC/COF before bonding. it also name ACF machine, ACF attachment machine, ACF Attached machine , ACF bonding machine , ACF pre-paste , ACF equipment , ACF pre-paste machines , ACF pre- affixed equipment, ACF single station machine , ACF multi-station machines and so on.  The attaching machine, also can paste the Double-sided tape.

LCD panel bonding machine-
Semi Automatic LCM Making machines

LCD panel bonding machine

Semi Automatic LCM Making machines include:COG pre-bonding machine, COG main-bonding machine , FOGFOB) bonding machine, ACF attaching machine as below:

LCD panel bonding machine

LCD panel bonding machine

LCD panel bonding machine-Full automatic COG bonding machine

full auto COG bonding machine

Full automatic COG bonding machine, it include the LCD cleaning, IC loading, ACF attaching on the glass, IC pre-bonding, and IC main-bonding processes.

LCD panel bonding machine-Full automatic FOG bonding machine

Full automatic FOG bonding machine, It include the ACF attaching on the glass, FPC loading, FPC bonding on the glass and output to testing..

LCD panel bonding machine-LCM full automatic produce machine

LCM full automatic produce machine include all the process of the COG and FOG bonding machines.

We design and make the standard bonding machines and customized bonding machines for your personalized product requirements, also design and manufacture other automation equipment for your requirements, and welcome OEM&ODM machines.

COF bonding machine/TAB bonding machine/ACF bonding machine

COF bonding machine, also name TAB bonding machineACF bonding machineOLB Bonding machineChip on Film bonding machine. COF(Chip on Film, Chip on Flex).COF bonding machine is widely used in the TV/laptop/pad panel, it is very popular in the TV/laptop repairing for the LCD/LED/OLED panel bonding. For TV or laptop panel repairing COF bonding machine, has COF on glass bonding and COF on PCB board bonding. The COF Bonding machine also can do COF on flex cable, COF on film bonding, and maybe IC on film bonding. Normal the COF bonding machine is Pulse heating bonding machine with Titanium alloy press bonding head.

COF bonding machine accessories

Our COF bonding machine and all the accessories list for TV/laptop panel repairing as below:

COF bonding machine

We also offer all the accessories: ACF tapes, ACF Remover, Blue glue, Acetone, Alcohol ,Customized bonding head, Quartz glass, Silicone tape, Teflon tape, Microscope, Air Compressor, COF cutter, Cleaning nanosponge, Cleaning clothes wiper, Ear buds, Pump bottles, T-bit, T-rubber, T-Iron, Magnifier lens, Allen key, Precision tweezers, Soldering Stations, Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun, LEDS,LVDS cables, LCD Test Board, LCD/LED Tester.RT809H programmer, Open cell, Polarizer, Backlight ,T-Con Board, Main-board, IC, TAB COF IC and others.

Please contact us feel free to  purchase the COF bonding machine accessories.

ACF Tape/ACF Film  & Applications

ACF Tape is normally made up of two main components, namely Adhesive & conductive particles.


The adhesive composition is dependent on the materials being assembled. This means an ACF designed for use in a flex-on-glass (FOG) assembly is usually not suitable for use in a chip-on-glass (COG),chip-on-film(COF), flex-on-board(FOB),flex-on-flex(FOF) or any other configurations. It is specific to the application for which it is designed for.

ACF Conductive Particles

Conductive particles are used to conduct electricity from one side of the bond to the other. Depending on the application, conductive particles range from 3.5μm to 30μm in size, and can be made from Nickel-gold plated polymer spheres, gold plated nickel particles, or lead-free solder materials. Particles may be individually coated with a outer polymer to insulate them from other uncrushed particles, but which will crack open and allow electrical conduction if the particle is trapped and crushed between two pads during assembly.



ACF tape & ACF Anisotropic Conductive Film

ACF (Anisotropic conductive film) or ACF tape is an epoxy adhesive system used by electronics industry to make electrical and mechanical connections from drive electronics to substrates.

ACF are filled with conductive particles which provides electrical interconnection between pads through the film thickness (z-direction).

The conductive particles are distributed far apart thus not electrically conductive in the plane direction (X&Y) of the film.

ACF interconnect offers cost savings by substituting conventional mechanical connectors or soldering interconnect.

ACF interconnect allows low height and fine pitch which enables high density and miniaturizing of assembly.

ACF special conductive particle is made from environmental friendly material (ROHs compliance). It provides good metalic bonding.

Teflon&Silicone Tape ( Teflon &Silicone cushion)

Similar to Silicone rubber, Teflon tape is often used to provide evenly distributed pressure and temperature on the ACF bonding process.

Features of Teflon Tape :

  1. Superior chemical resistance – hardly affected by acids and alkalis.
  2. Excellent electrical properties, including little dielectric loss, high insulation resistance and breakdown voltage.
  3. Extremely high volume resistivity and remain stable over a wide range of temperature.
  4. Continuous use in a wide range of temperature from -100degC to +260degC
  5. Lowest friction cofficient among all solid materials and excellent self-lubricating ability.
  6. Non-adhesiveness and mold releasing property
  7. Excellent weather and moisture resistance
  8. Superior flame resistance

ACF Remover


ACF REMOVER G450/G550/G650/G750

ACF Remover is a solvent designed to removed hardened ACF during rework of LCD module assembly. have many model number as: G430,G450,G550,G650,G750

ACF Remover Removing Process :

  1. Apply ACF Remover on the FPC/COG
  2. Wait 3~5 minutes for ACF Remover to react and soften ACF bond
  3. Remove ACF after 3~5 minutes
  4. Cleaning with aqueous liquid or acetone

Buy machine, send all the accessories list free.

1COF bonding machine  
2ACF  AC-7206-18  1.5*50M  Glass side ACF胶带
3ACF AC-2056R-35  2.0*50M PCB side ACF胶带
4ACF Removing Liquid  G-450  1000ML ACF去除液 G450
5Acetone Liquid BT-H1-500ML  丙酮
6Hitachi Blue Glue  100ML 蓝色胶水
7Fuji Silicone  50M 硅胶皮
8Teflon  50M 铁氟龙
9Alcohol  酒精
10Heating Solder Iron 30W +T-Type Soldering Tips T型烙铁+硅胶条
11Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun 825+Fan 除风站 热风枪
12Optical Microscope 显微镜
13TAB Cutter   COF切刀
14Correction table   校正表
15LVDS                     LVDS接头
16LCD Test Board   LCD测试板
17Allen Key 六角扳手
18Air Compressor  OTS550 空压机
19Static Wipe Cloth 静电擦拭布
20Cotton swabs 棉签
21Handheld Magnifier 手持放大镜
22Precision Tweezers 精密镊子
23Nano Sponge 纳米海绵
24quatz bar spare one 备用石英条
25Alcohol bottles 空酒精瓶
COF bonding machine accessories

COF bonding machine and accessories

Welcome to buy the COF bonding machine and all the COF bonding machine accessories.

LCD panel bonding machine, for TV/Mobilephone/Touch screen/Watch/Ipad/Laptop/AD display……all kinds of LCD/LED/OLED panels bonding.. for factories,shops,repairing service center,labs,Research institutes.

All the bonding machines and all the parts,accessories.we can offer to you in one stop.

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