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OLED panel Bonding Machine

OLED panel Bonding Machine

OLED panel bonding machine, is for AMOLED panel produce and repair machine for TV/Cell phone/Watch/other AMOLED products.  bonding the COFs on the OLED panel and flexible FPCs.

What is OLED?

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An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is a light-emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current. This organic layer is situated between two electrodes; typically, at least one of these electrodes is transparent. OLEDs are used to create digital displays in devices such as television screens, computer monitors, portable systems such as smartphoneshandheld game consoles and PDAs. A major area of research is the development of white OLED devices for use in solid-state lighting applications.

There are two main families of OLED: those based on small molecules and those employing polymers. Adding mobile ions to an OLED creates a light-emitting electrochemical cell (LEC) which has a slightly different mode of operation. An OLED display can be driven with a passive-matrix (PMOLED) or active-matrix (AMOLED) control scheme. In the PMOLED scheme, each row (and line) in the display is controlled sequentially, one by one,whereas AMOLED control uses a thin-film transistor backplane to directly access and switch each individual pixel on or off, allowing for higher resolution and larger display sizes.

An OLED display works without a backlight because it emits visible light. Thus, it can display deep black levels and can be thinner and lighter than a liquid crystal display (LCD). In low ambient light conditions (such as a dark room), an OLED screen can achieve a higher contrast ratio than an LCD, regardless of whether the LCD uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps or an LED backlight.

OLED Advantages

The different manufacturing process of OLEDs has several advantages over flat panel displays made with LCD technology.

Lower cost in the future

OLEDs can be printed onto any suitable substrate by an inkjet printer or even by screen printing, theoretically making them cheaper to produce than LCD or plasma displays. However, fabrication of the OLED substrate is currently more costly than that of a TFT LCD. Roll-to-roll vapor-deposition methods for organic devices do allow mass production of thousands of devices per minute for minimal cost; however, this technique also induces problems: devices with multiple layers can be challenging to make because of registration – lining up the different printed layers to the required degree of accuracy.

Lightweight and flexible plastic substrates

OLED displays can be fabricated on flexible plastic substrates, leading to the possible fabrication of flexible organic light-emitting diodes for other new applications, such as roll-up displays embedded in fabrics or clothing. If a substrate like polyethylene terephthalate (PET)can be used, the displays may be produced inexpensively. Furthermore, plastic substrates are shatter-resistant, unlike the glass displays used in LCD devices.

Better picture quality

OLEDs enable a greater contrast ratio and wider viewing angle compared to LCDs, because OLED pixels emit light directly. This also provides a deeper black level, since a black OLED display emits no light. Furthermore, OLED pixel colors appear correct and unshifted, even as the viewing angle approaches 90° from the normal.

Better power efficiency and thickness

LCDs filter the light emitted from a backlight, allowing a small fraction of light through. Thus, they cannot show true black. However, an inactive OLED element does not produce light or consume power, allowing true blacks. Removing the backlight also makes OLEDs lighter because some substrates are not needed. When looking at top-emitting OLEDs, thickness also plays a role when talking about index match layers (IMLs). Emission intensity is enhanced when the IML thickness is 1.3–2.5 nm. The refractive value and the matching of the optical IMLs property, including the device structure parameters, also enhance the emission intensity at these thicknesses.

Response time

OLEDs also have a much faster response time than an LCD. Using response time compensation technologies, the fastest modern LCDs can reach response times as low as 1 msfor their fastest color transition, and are capable of refresh frequencies as high as 240 Hz. According to LG, OLED response times are up to 1,000 times faster than LCD,putting conservative estimates at under 10 μs (0.01 ms), which could theoretically accommodate refresh frequencies approaching 100 kHz (100,000 Hz). Due to their extremely fast response time, OLED displays can also be easily designed to be strobed, creating an effect similar to CRT flicker in order to avoid the sample-and-hold behavior seen on both LCDs and some OLED displays, which creates the perception of motion blur.

Shenzhen Olian OLED panel bonding machine

Shenzhen Olian Automatic Equipment have the OLED bonding machine for AMOLED screens.

if you need the machine for the OLED screen repairing, please contact us .

OLED panel bonding machine- ACF attaching machine


OLED panel bonding machine- COF Pre-bonding machine

FPC bonding machine

OLED panel bonding machine- COF Final-bonding machine

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COF bonding machine


COF bonding machine

COF bonding machine, also name TAB bonding machine, ACF bonding machine, OLB Bonding machine, COF bonder,ACF Bonder,TAB bonder,TCP bonder,PCB bonder, TV panel repairing machine, panel bonding machine.

COF bonding machine is widely used in the TV/laptop/pad panel, it is very popular in the TV/laptop repairing for the LCD/LED/OLED panel bonding. For TV or laptop panel repairing COF bonding machine, has COF on glass bonding and COF on PCB board bonding. The machine also can do COF on flex cable, COF on film bonding, and maybe IC on film bonding. Normal the machine is Pulse heating bonding machine with Titanium alloy press bonding head.

COF bonding machine photos

TV lcd laser machine
COF bonding machine
COF bonding machine
COF bonding machine
COF bonding machine
COF bonding machine
COF bonding machine and accessories

The machine working video:

Machine Operating Video in Youtube:

TV reparing Glass Side Bonding
TV reparing PCB Side Bonding

COF bonding machine Introduction

COF bonding machine is the widely used machine all over the world. This bonding machine is based on the recent innovations as well as planned to repair the arrangements of LCD, LED, and television. This bonding machine may consist of has two Digital Microscope, and also has a Digital Pressure Gauge. The machine consists of vacuum generator which may help to hold the panel during the bonding process. It may also provide the quick as well as easy solutions for various mobile problems. The machine is fast as well as it is very easy to access this bonding machine. This bonding machine is able to provide high accuracy repair apparatus for repair different size of the LED or LCD screen as well as LCD Panel. the machine also consists a process of repairing the technical equipment in an easy way.

We provide the various sizes and types of this machine, as well as all the services, are available if any defect may occur in the machine. Anisotropic conductive film (ACF) bonding machine commonly use in connectivity with electrical and mechanical connections from electronics driver to glass substrate of the LCD/LED/TV. During the ACF bonding process, heat and pressure are applied via a thermode (or hot bar) on to the ACF film or other component that is sandwiching the ACF film.

The bonding machine helps to repair LED,LCD,TV, of lining issues on panel . Ultimate solutions of bonding of COF with fast and easy to operate bonding machine. it is a kind of high precision repair equipment for repair various size LED/LCD screen/LCD Panel.

The Machine OL-1285-DH/SH-SS Specification

SPEC Download:


Single/double Head Manual platform ACF/TAB/COF Bonding machine for TV repair,Television repair,Panel repair,screen repair.

Machine Model Number:

1) Machine Model Number: OL-1285-DH/SH-SS   (Single Head &Double head)

2) Device Description :Screen Repair machine / LCD Bonding machine

3) Device Uses :FPC、 COF、TAB、 LCD Panel and PCB combination bonding

4) Applicable LCD panel specifications :12″-100″(65″,85″100″ options)

5) Applicable LCD panel thickness :0.3MM-1.1MM[Single glass]

6) Bonding IC number :Multiple / Panel   Can be set

7) Bind  direction :X or Y Unidirection

8) Bonding IC size :Replaceable blade according to IC specifications (The original machine is equipped45X1.5X10)

9) Device processing time :TFT,3.8S/chip

10) Production Beats :TAB,100 pcs/H

11) Accuracy :Within ± 1.5μm  (support 4K screen)

12) Highest positioning accuracy setting :±0.5μm (Currently domestic the highest index)

13) Equipment requirements the work environment :Clean, No dust, Clean room

14) Supply Pressure :0.5~0.7Mpa  (Dry air source)

15) Power Supply :AC 220V±10%,50HZ,3500W

Machine Parts Informations:

16) Cylinder Device :Japan SMC original thin cylinder  MXS20-75/MXS20-100

17) Heating Type :Pulse (rapid heating / cooling and auxiliary cooling function)

18) PID Temperature Control System :Brand: YUDIAN  (516 model)

Adjustable heating curve  Precision PID self-tuning type

The peak temperature : within +/- 3 degrees Celsius

Room temperature time to 180 degrees the response time within 2-3 seconds

19) Hot pressing head :

Materials: Japan Titanium

origin: United States

Plane precision (hot press side) :0.001mm

Plane thickness 0.5  (Reserved 3 times grinding)

20) Thermocouple Type :K type   Original US OMEGA wire

21) Industrial control units / Programmer :Import Panasonic PLC FX-C40T

22) Image unit :

Panasonic image processing system

COF counterpoint: down counterpoint

PCB counterpoint : UP counterpoint

Number of lenses : 4

Microscopy: 30-120 Continuous zoom

COF Display: 19-inch HD 1PCS

PCB counterpoint the display : same (Can be installed )

Upper light source : have

Down light source : have

23)COF trimming unit :

Origin: Taiwan

Rail Type: U-rail (2056 high)

Accuracy : 0.01

Adjustable direction :X/Y/R

R Itinerary : Coarse 360 degrees, fine tuning +/- 5 degrees

24)COF Fixture : COF mechanical clamping type, Z tilt radius  micrometer trimming

25) Lens spinner unit :

Control mode: X / Y / Z micrometer control

Focus Adjustment: Manually adjust the focus

26) Position detection : None

27) Silicone / Teflon :Manual switching position

28) LCD stage (platform) :Manual sliding or fixed optional ,automatic stage can be customized

29) Alarm device :Pressure abnormal/ temperature anomalies / thermocouple abnormal / action abnormal

30) Hot press head counterpoint :Cylinder stop can be set at any position in the vertical direction

31) Control mode :Touch screen + button operation   Using Taiwan’s Wei Lun touch screen dual-core

32) Parameter setting :According to the need to set up Store multiple sets of hot pressing parameters

Machine Electrical parameter:

33) Rated voltage :180-220  (customizable 110V)

34) Peak power :400-2200W  (Supports 68X1.5X10 lengthened tool bit

35) Maximum power :2200W

36) Actual power :500W

37) Body size :1200X1200x1380mm(L*W*H)

38) Machine weight :500KG


OL-TVCBM1285-DH/SH-SS COF bonding machine , is our company in the R&D process , according to maintenance staff tailored high-end products , machine not only in the accuracy of the temperature and the mechanical accuracy do the precision design , the procedures also increases the glass and circuit board parameters direct selected function , working pressure automatically switch , greatly facilitate the technical staff selected the parameters , increased the tool bit preheating function , to ensure that the machine at any temperature difference can ensure heating rate and temperature accuracy , double head design , glass and circuit board independent bonding reached factory-class level , high bonding excellent rate、low repair rate , this machine is the maintenance and after-sales staff preferred the classic model.

OL-1285-DH/SH-SS platform Up to 100inch, the COF/TAB/ACF Bonding machine for TV repair,Television repair,Panel repair,screen repair. Welcome you visit us,our website:www.szoulian.com, It is your best choose for your TV COF repairing.

About the Accessories

COF bonding machine
cof bonding machine

Our COF bonding machine and all the accessories list for TV/laptop panel repairing as below: ACF tapes, ACF Remover, Blue glue, Acetone, Alcohol ,Customized bonding head, Quartz glass, Silicone tape, Teflon tape, Microscope, Air Compressor, COF cutter, Cleaning nanosponge, Cleaning clothes wiper, Ear buds, Pump bottles, T-bit, T-rubber, T-Iron, Magnifier lens, Allen key, Precision tweezers, Soldering Stations, Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun, LEDS,LVDS cables, LCD Test Board, LCD/LED Tester.RT809H programmer, Open cell, Polarizer, Backlight ,T-Con Board, Main-board, IC, TAB COF IC and others.


液晶电视维修辅助设备耗材 ,ACF胶带 AC-7206,AC-2056,G450去除液,日立蓝胶,酒精,丙酮,酒精瓶,棉布,纳米海绵,棉签,COF裁切刀,空压机,显微镜,热风枪,石英条,硅胶皮,铁氟龙,精密镊子,六角扳手,烙铁头,放大镜,校正仪,LVDS链接线, 驱动测试板等,免费随机附送整套,免费来厂学习,免费打出口木箱,欢迎来厂试机购买。

Accessories list:

1ACF  AC-7206-18  1.5*50M  Glass side ACF胶带
2ACF AC-2056R-35  2.0*50M PCB side ACF胶带 
3ACF Removing Liquid  G-450  1000ML ACF去除液 G450
4Acetone Liquid BT-H1-500ML  丙酮 
5Hitachi Blue Glue  100ML 蓝色胶水 
6Fuji Silicone  50M 硅胶皮 
7Teflon  50M 铁氟龙 
8Alcohol  酒精 
9Heating Solder Iron 30W +T-Type Soldering Tips T型烙铁+硅胶条 
10Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun 825+Fan 除风站 热风枪 
11Optical Microscope 显微镜 
12TAB Cutter   COF切刀 
13Correction table   校正表 
14LVDS                     LVDS接头 
15LCD Test Board   LCD测试板 
16Allen Key 六角扳手 
17Air Compressor  OTS550 空压机 
18Static Wipe Cloth 静电擦拭布 
19Cotton swabs 棉签 
20Handheld Magnifier 手持放大镜 
21Precision Tweezers 精密镊子 
22Nano Sponge 纳米海绵 
23quatz bar spare one 备用石英条 
24Alcohol bottles 空酒精瓶 

12-85inch 100inch COF Bonding machine for TV Repairing machine,Welcome you visit us !