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FPC bonding machine

FPC bonding machine

FPC bonding machine

1-12inch double station up&down alignment constant temperature movable platform FPC bonding machine|FOG bonding machine|FOB Bonding machine|LCM produce line machine

FPC bonding machine, also name FOB bonding machine, FOG bonding machine, Flex cable bonding machine.FOG(FPC on glass )or FOB(FPC on PCB Board), FOF(FPC on FPC),also COF on Glass bonding, COF on board bonding,COF on film bonding。 It have Pulse Heating Bonding Machines and Constant Temperature Bonding Machines. Also it will be named wire bondingmachinethermal bonding machineheat bonding machine

FPC bonding machine photos:

FPC bonding machine


FOG/FOB/FOF bonding machine

FOG/FOB/FOF bonding machine

FPC/FOB/FOG/FOF bonding machine specifications:

  1. Model Number:FC006/FC007/FP008/FP009
  2. Product Name:Upper and Down Contraposition movable platform FPC Bonding Machine
  3. Suitable For:Suitable for alignment and press FPC to the LCD Panel glass or PCB or COF which attached ACF film
  4. Size Range:1~12 inch
  5. Attach Precision:±0.015mm
  6. Machine Capacity:6000pcs/day (12S/pc)
  7. Power Supply: 220V±10%,50HZ,1200W
  8. Air Supply:0.5~0.7MPa,dry air
  9. Platform Size:L90*W60 MM
  10. Platform Precision:±0.01MM
  11. Temp Range:1~350℃
  12. Time Range:1~99.9sec
  13. Product Size:W850*D800*H1460MM
  14. N.W:About200KG

*Constant temperature heating system/Pulse heating system
*Panasonic PLC Control system
*Human – Machine interface
*Automatic temperature alarm
*Press Head Level Adjustable Device
*Down Contraposition HD Colorful CCD and 10.4 inch HD LCD
*Manual / automatic switching
*Imported electrical configuration

* apply for all the LCD,LED,ONCELL,OLED panels.

Model: FC006/FC007/FP008/FP009/ *Constant temperature heating system/Pulse heating system
*Panasonic PLC Control system
*Human – Machine interface
*Automatic temperature alarm
*Press Head Level Adjustable Device
*Down Contraposition HD Colorful CCD and 10.4 inch HD LCD
*Manual / automatic switching
*Imported electrical configuration              *good for ONCELL,OLED panels
Product Name: Upper and Down Contraposition movable platform FPC Bonding Machine
Suitable For: Suitable for alignment and press FPC to the LCD Panel which attached ACF film
Size Range: 1~12 inch
Attach Precision: ±0.015mm
Machine Capacity: 6000pcs/day (12S/pc)
Power Supply: 220V±10%,50HZ,1200W
Air Supply: 0.5~0.7MPa,dry air
Platform Size: L90*W60 MM
Platform Precision: ±0.01MM
Temp Range: 1~350℃
Time Range: 1~99.9sec
Product Size: W850*D800*H1460MM
N.W: About200KG
Packing Size:

LCM high speed produce line 7sets machine:

ACF attacheing machine 2 sets +COG pre-bonding machine 1 set, COG main-bonding machine 1 set, FPC bonding machine 3 sets

LCD bonding machine|LCD repair machine|TV Repair machine|Mobile Phone Repair machine

FPC bonding machine video:

What is FPC:

FPC是Flexible Printed Circuit的简称,又称软性线路板、柔性印刷电路板,挠性线路板,简称软板或FPC.

Flexible print circuits (also variously referred to around the globe as flex circuits, flexible printed circuit boards, flex print, flexi-circuits) are members of electronic and interconnection family. They consist of a thin insulating polymer film having conductive circuit patterns affixed thereto and typically supplied with a thin polymer coating to protect the conductor circuits. The technology has been used for interconnecting electronic devices since the 1950s in one form or another. It is now one of the most important interconnection technologies in use for the manufacture of many of today’s most advanced electronic products.

In practice there are many different kinds of flexible circuits, including one metal layer, double sided, multilayer and rigid flex circuits. The circuits can be formed by etching metal foil cladding (normally of copper) from polymer bases, plating metal or printing of conductive inks among other processes. Flexible circuits may or may not have components attached. When components are attached, they are considered by some in the industry to be flexible electronic assemblies.

There are many advantages that come with using flexible circuit technology beyond the initial flex capabilities. Performance advantages, such as, dynamic flexing and increased heat dissipation allow engineers to design these circuits into applications where extreme temperatures and vibrations are common. Other advantages with using flexible circuits include less weight, increased package density, and a more integrated design.Flexible circuits can cost less than traditional assemblies because one flex assembly can replace several, single circuits.

Flex circuits also allow design engineers to utilize space three dimensionally which cuts down on the overall footprint of the circuit and saves space.

Applications of flexible circuits ranges in a variety of fields. Flexible circuits are used in cell phones, LCD televisions, antennas, and laptops. Flexible circuits have evolved and help provide durability and reliability. Flexible circuits are also used in the aviation field. Other applications of flexible circuits are in hearing aids, calculators, cameras, printers, and in satellites.

What is the FOG

FOG is a kind of use in the flat display industry, such as, LCD screen, electronic paper production process, using ACF conductive adhesive as the media through a certain temperature, pressure, time to FPC bonded on the glass.

FOG is the abbreviation FPC ON the GLASS, that is, FPC bonded ON the GLASS of a kind of process.

Shenzhen Olian design and make all kinds of FPC bonding machine. Welcome you visit us and OEM&OEM FPC/FOB/FOG/FOF bonding machine with us for your factory and your globe trade business.

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