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Flex Cable Bonding Machine


Flex Cable Bonding Machine

Flex cable bonding machine

The flex cable bonding machine also named FOG(flex-on-glass) bonding machine, FOB(flex-on-PCB Printed Circuit Board) /FOF(flex-on-film) / FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit ) /Flex bonding /Flex cable bonding machine.


Bonding machine

The Bonding Machine may consist of HD Digital Microscope, and also has a Digital Pressure Gauge, and vacuum generator which may help to hold the panel during the bonding process.

The bonding press head may press the FPC onto the Glass/PCB/FPC/Film using ACF conductive adhesive as medium, by a certain temperature, pressure and time. also some bonding machine use the Solder paste as the medium.

The bonding machine is widely used for Cell phone, Touch display, Watch, Pad, Tablet, LCD/LED/OLED panels repairing.


According to the different heating types, it have pulse heating and Constant temperature flex cable bonding machine.

The machines have single press head , double press heads, triple press heads, Quadruple press heads machine, and rotary table flex cable bonding machines.

About Shenzhen Olian

Shenzhen Olian Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd (Olian) is a high-tech manufacturer established in 2008, professional specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of LCD/LED/OLED module automatic bonding machines and other equipments

Olian insist on the product concept of ” High quality, High efficiency”, have successfully developed standard and custom products:

Olian Design&Make the best and latest COG/FOG/FOB/FOF/FPC/OLB/ACF/COF/TAB Bonding Machine for TV/Cell phone/Laptop/Pad/Watch/Touch Screens

Olian Main products: TV/Laptop/PAD/Cell phone/Watch/Touch screen/Display repairing machine, LCD/LED/OLED bonding machine, LCM produce machine, LCD/LED/OLED repair machine, and all the bonding machines, parts, tool, accessories .

Olian machines SPEC


  1. Model Number:FC006/FC007/FP008/FP009
  2. Product Name: Upper and/or Down Contraposition movable platform Flex Cable Bonding Machine
  3. Suitable For: Suitable for alignment and press FPC to the LCD Panel glass or PCB or COF which attached ACF film
  4. Size Range:1~12 inch
  5. Attach Precision:±0.015mm
  6. Machine Capacity:3000-6000pcs/day (12S/pc)
  7. Power Supply: 220V±10%,50HZ,1200W
  8. Air Supply:0.5~0.7MPa,dry air
  9. Platform Size:L90*W60 MM
  10. Platform Precision:±0.01MM
  11. Temp Range:1~350℃
  12. Time Range:1~99.9sec
  13. Product Size:W850*D800*H1460MM
  14. N.W:About 200-350KG


*Constant temperature heating system/Pulse heating system
*Panasonic PLC Control system
*Human – Machine interface
*Automatic temperature alarm
*Press Head Level Adjustable Device
*Down Contraposition HD Colorful CCD and 10.4 inch HD LCD
*Manual / automatic switching
*Imported electrical configuration
*apply for all the LCD,LED,ONCELL,OLED panels.


flex cable bonding machine

flex cable bonding machine
flex cable bonding machine
flex cable bonding machine
flex cable bonding machine

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