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Bonding machine

bonding machines

Bonding machine

Bonding Machine

Bonding machine ,it may press the IC/FPC/COF onto the Glass/PCB/FPC using ACF conductive adhesive as medium, by a certain temperature, pressure and time. also some use the Solder paste as the medium.

bonding machine

It has pulse heat and constant temperature machines.

The machine may consist of HD Digital Microscope, and also has a Digital Pressure Gauge, and vacuum generator which may help to hold the panel during the pressing process.

The Machine is based on the recent innovations as well as planned to repair the arrangements of LCD, LED,OLED, TV/television, Laptop, Pad, Cell phone, Watch, Touch Panel, Ad Player, and all the flat and edge screens.It is the widely used machine in the LCD/LED/OLED, LCM/open cell/panel/screen/display produce factories and repairing service shops all over the world.

bonding machine
bonding machine

What is ACF Bonding?

During ACF bonding, a combination of heat & pressure is applied on to chip (FPC/IC) for an appropriate time.

Conductive particles (each 3~30um) are compressed between IC and substrate (glass / PCB) while insulating materials pushed away.

This allows the compressed Ni-Au layer on the particles to conduct electricity between the IC and the substrates (z-axis).

The insulated particles are distributed with a minimum chance of electrical shorting in the x-axis and y-axis.

As the epoxy cures and conductive particles are trapped into permanent compressed form.

The compressed particles, by its elastic nature, are constantly pushing outwards to maintain good electrical conductivity under different environmental conditions.


ACF has for many years, been used in glass display applications. Recently, it is also becoming widely used in TAB,COG,FOG,FOB,FOF,COF,COB areas.

– TAB Bonding (TCP-PCB / TCP-LCD)

– COG Bonding (IC-LCD)

– COB Bonding (IC-PCB)

– COF Bonding (COF-LCD/PCB)

– FOG Bonding(FPC-LCD)

– FOB Bonding(FPC-PCB)

– FOF Bonding(FPC-FPC)

– Plasma Display (FPC-PDP)

– Flip Chip Package

– ……


  • Heat cure
  • Fast bonding time
  • High adhesion to plastic PET,COF & FPC, substrate
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good contact resistance for reliability
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good for wide bonding temperature range
  • Replaces solder for lead-free solution

Because of many advantages and features ,the machine is becoming more and more popular and useful.

Shenzhen Olian-Bonding Machines Factory

Shenzhen Olian, specializing in the production of pulse hot press, constant temperature hot press, FPC/FOG/FOB/FOF bonding machine, ACF attaching machines, IC/CHIP/COG/COF pre-bonding equipments, COG/COF main-bonding equipments, COF cutting machines, LCD TV repair equipment OLB/TAB/PCB/TCP, microscope, plasma cleaning machines, COF punching machines, LCD screen production and maintenance supplies machines parts and other accessoreis one-stop services.


一,Hot press Bonding Machine press 热压机(邦定机)

Bonding machine introduction:

The bonding machine is a method of heating two parts of the pre-good flux tin-plated (ACF conductive paste) enough to melt and flow the solder (ACF conductive paste), after curing, in parts and solder (ACF conductive paste) ) form a permanent electrical and mechanical connection device. Should be different products, the heating rate can be selected. The hot head ensures an average temperature, fast temperature rise and long service life. The indenter is specially designed with a horizontal adjustment to ensure that the components are pressure averaged. The temperature is numerically controlled and clear and precise. A digital pressure gauge is available to preset the pressure range.

The hot press machine is also known as the bonding machine . According to different media of hot pressing, it can be divided into soldering, ACF (asymmetrical conductive tape), ACP (anisotropic conductive glue), and TBF (hot melt adhesive film). Suitable for FPC (flexible circuit board), HSC (zebra paper), TAB and LCD and PCB connection. Since the Pitch of PCB or FPC in consumer electronics tends to be small, the conventional soldering process has been difficult to meet the requirements of extremely fine hot pressing. The ACF process has been gradually applied by mobile phone designers.


1.Pulse hot press uses pulse heating technology, temperature control is accurate, temperature sampling frequency is 0.1s. Constant temperature heating method, the temperature is constant after the temperature is raised to the preset temperature. 2. Diversified working modes such as single working platform, rotating working platform, and left and right mobile platforms. 3, multi-stage heating control. 4. Real-time temperature curve display. 5, silicone with indexing mechanism. 6, CCD vision system, providing accurate alignment. 7, large-capacity programs are pre-stored. 8, touch operation interface, program password protection.

Bonding machines classification:

Constant temperature , pulse hot press , double station machines, desktop machines, vertical bonding machines, etc.

Bonding machine field:

1.Mobile phone manufacturers, 2 TV manufacturers, 3. Touch screen manufacturers, 4. Computers, 5.LCD/LED/OLED display manufacturers, 5. Printers, 6. Membrane switches, etc.


热压机是一种将两个预先上好助焊剂镀锡(ACF导电胶)的零件加热到足以使焊锡(ACF导电胶)熔化、流动的温度,固化后,在零件与焊锡(ACF导电胶)之间形成一个永久的电气机械连接设备。应不同产品,升温速度可供挑选。热压头确保温度平均,升温快速及使用寿命特长。压头特别采用水平可调设计,以确保组件受压平均。 温度数控化,清楚精密。备有数字式压力计,可预设压力范围。

热压机又称为邦定机 。根据热压的媒介不同,可以分为锡焊,ACF(异向导电胶带),ACP(异向导电胶水),TBF(热熔胶膜)。适用于FPC(柔性线路板),HSC(斑马纸),TAB与LCD及PCB的连接。 由于消费类电子产品中PCB或FPC的Pitch趋于细小化,传统锡焊工艺已经难以满足极细热压的要求。ACF制程已逐步被手机设计商所应用。

2.热压机 特点:


3.热压机 分类:


4.热压机  使用领域:

1.手机厂商,2电视机厂商,3.触摸屏厂商,4.电脑,5.LCD/LED/OLED等显示屏生产维修厂商 , 5.打印机 , 6.薄膜开关等

Bonding machine
Bonding machine

二,恒温热压机 (Constant Temperature Bonding machine)



其主要功能是对液晶面板上ITO与ACF、FPC之间进行一种机械电子连接。随着这几年国内LCD行业的迅速发展,与其相关的设备产业也同样发展迅速,目前恒温热压机主要生产厂家聚集在深圳宝安。 恒温热压机属于电子制造设备的分支半导体设备,因此设备的精密度要求较高,一般都配备了视觉系统,设备设计一般禁止产生油污等污染空气的成分,所以一般配件使用气缸,精密线性滑轨等,而提供气源的空气机则选用无油空气机。一则有利于设备的寿命,二则对不会对工作的环境产生很大的油污粒子。







FOG/FOB/FOF bonding machine
FOG/FOB/FOF bonding machine

三, Pulse Heat Bonding Machine 脉冲热压机

1.脉冲热压机 (Pulse Heat Bonding machine) 介绍

Pulse Heat Bonding Machine, it use the pulse transformer to give a large current and low voltage to give high heat to the press head to bonding the COF/FPC on to the glass/PCB/FPC..


2.脉冲热压机 (Pulse Heat Bonding machine) 工作原理

脉冲热压机通过在热压头上加载一定的脉冲电压,热压头发热,将与此相连接的物体升温,当温度升到焊锡熔点后(即升到事先设定的温度后),将与此相连的物体间锡(ACF导电粒子)熔融并将其连接在一起. 一般的脉冲热压机使用温度闭环的控制。

3.脉冲热压机 (Pulse Heat Bonding machine) 工作特点


9、工作台运用千分尺调节X,Y,Z, θ轴微调定位
10、适用各种手机触膜和显示排线,COF屏热压邦定, 11、排线,平台可根据产品设计专用的定位模具,并配备真空吸附,保证良率

4.脉冲热压机 (Pulse Heat Bonding machine) 适用范围

脉冲热压机应用于手机厂商,电视机厂商,触摸屏厂商 ,电脑 ,平板,打印机等等厂家,



四,深圳欧联公司介绍– Pulse Heat Bonding Machine factory.

深圳市欧联自动化设备有限公司,专注 FPD 平板显示、3C 领域自动化装备自动化设备的研发、制造、销售及服务于一体的国家级高新技术生产企业。先后获得国家级高新技术企业及多项研发专利及著作权。目前公司拥有近五十人专业研发、生产管理、品质管理、售后服务专业团队,公司设有精密 CNC 机加中心(精密 CNC、车床、铣床、磨床、二次元等生产设备),具备从产品设计到生产加工的整体制造能力。自成立以来,以精湛的技术、优质的品质、高效的售后服务于客户,现已成为业内知名的 LCM 整线自动化设备解决方案商。

Shenzhen Olian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech manufacturing enterprise focusing on RPD flat panel display, 3C field automation equipment automation equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. Olian has won state-level high-tech enterprises and a number of research and development patents and copyrights. At present, Olian has nearly 50 professional R & D, production management, quality management, after-sales service professional team, Olian has a precision CNC machine plus center (precision CNC, lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, two yuan and other production equipment), with product design To the overall manufacturing capacity of production and processing. Since its establishment, Olian has become a well-known LCM complete line automation equipment solution provider in the industry with its exquisite technology, high quality and efficient after-sales service.


ACF 贴附系列、Plasma 端子清洗系列、单颗及多边多颗 COG/COF 邦定系列、单段及单边多段 FOG/FOF 邦定(恒温/脉冲)系列、OGS/On Cell/In Cell 热压系列、OLB 邦定系列,COF 冲裁各类非标设备以及智能化工厂整体解决方案等。

Existing products mainly include: ACF attach series, Plasma terminal cleaning series, single and multilateral COG/COF bonding series, single-stage and single-sided multi-stage FOG/FOF bonding (constant/pulse) series, OGS/On Cell/In Cell hot press bonding series, OLB bonding series, COF punching and all kinds of non-standard equipment and intelligent factory overall solutions.

bonding machine factory
bonding machine factory

公司拥有国内最早研发 FPD 平板显示领域设备的资深技术团队。为让技术一直创新并突破,我们与浙江大学深圳研究院建立了长期专项合作,研发并取得了多项关键技术的突破性成果。目前公司产品主要应用在全面屏、OLED、LCM、BLU 等多个领域。现与创维集团、帝晶光电、重庆中光电、深圳国显、天山微电子、立德通讯、中光电科技、亚世光电、中山国信通、拓佳、科森光电、闻太、德景、福瑞达、光弘等国内外两百多家知名企业建立起了长期友好的合作关系。产品覆盖广东、广西、江苏、浙江、江西、辽宁、湖南、湖北、福建、重庆等全国 20 多个省市。

SHENZHEN OLIAN has the earliest domestic technical team to develop equipment in the field of FPD flat panel display. In order to make technology always innovate and break through, we have established long-term special cooperation with Zhejiang University Shenzhen Research Institute, and have developed and achieved breakthrough results in a number of key technologies. At present, the company’s products are mainly used in multiple fields such as full screen, OLED, LCM, and BLU. Now with Skyworth Group, Dijing Optoelectronics, Chongqing Zhongguang, Shenzhen Guoxian, Tianshan Microelectronics, Lide Communications, China Optoelectronics Technology, Yashi Optoelectronics, Zhongshan Guoxintong, Tuojia, Kesen Optoelectronics, Wentai, Dejing, More than 200 well-known companies at home and abroad such as Freda and Guanghong have established long-term friendly cooperative relations. Products cover more than 20 provinces and cities in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Hunan, Hubei, Fujian, Chongqing and other countries.







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五,(Shenzhen Olian Main products)深圳欧联主要产品


1.ACF attaching machine, ACF贴附机

ACF attaching machine, ACF贴附机,ACF粘贴机,ACF贴胶机,玻璃端ACF贴附,IC端ACF贴附,PCB端ACF贴附,多段ACF贴胶机,多工位ACF邦定机,PCB ACF邦定机,大尺寸ACF贴胶机,600长ACF邦定机

ACF Attaching machine
ACF Attaching machine,OL-A003
ACF贴附机 大尺寸ACF贴附, OL-A022

2.IC/COF/COG/COF prebonding machine, COG/COF mainbonding, IC/COF邦定机、COG/COF预压机,COG/COF 本压机

2.1 IC/COF pre-bonding machine,

COG预压机,半自动高速COG,COG邦定机,预压机,ic绑定机,IC邦定机,IC预压机,COF预压机,高速COG,COG邦定机,预压机,IC绑定机,IC邦定机,IC预压机, COF预压机 .

COG/COF Bonder
COG/COF pre-Bonder OL-COF003
COG预压机 OL-C003
高速COG预压机 OL-C005
COG 高速预压机
COG 高速预压机 OL-CB003
2.2 COG main bonding machine,


伺服高端COG/COF本压机 OL-C012
伺服高端COG本压机 OL-C008
三头本压机 OL-C006

3.FPC bonding machine, 排线热压机-恒温热压机,脉冲热压机Pulse Heat Bonding Machine

3.1 Constant temperature bonding machine,

恒温热压机 ,恒温压排机,FPC邦定机,FOG热压机,FPC热压机,FOG本压机,压排机,三星压排机,苹果压排机,手机屏压屏机,手机屏维修邦定机,,OGS邦定机,毛毛虫热压机  , 上下加热FOG热压机,三工位本压机,三头FPC邦定,国产苹果热压机 , 单工位脉冲机,上下对位热压机,压排机,FOG热压机,FOG邦定,手机维修机 , 单工位下对位FOG,苹果三星压排机,热压机

Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
FPC bonder
FPC bonder
3.2.Pulse Heat Bonding Machine,

Pulse Pressing Machine,

脉冲热压机,脉冲压排机,FPC邦定机,FOG热压机,FPC热压机,FOG本压机,压排机,三星压排机,苹果压排机,手机屏压屏机,手机屏维修邦定机,OLED邦定机,OLED本压机,ON-CELL热压机,斑马纸热压机,高清晰邦定机,FPC邦定,ONCELL,OLED产品, 转盘脉冲机,脉冲机,脉冲热压机,高精度热压机 , 万能热压机,万能排线邦定机,单工位压排机 , 上下对位脉冲机,脉冲邦定机,脉冲热压机

bonding machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine

4.LCD TV repair machine,

LCD TV repair equipment, large size OLB bonding equipment, LCD screen repair machine, COF bonding machine,

液晶电视维修机,液晶电视返修设备,大尺寸OLB设备,液晶屏返修机,COF邦定机, COF本压,PCB半自动预本压机 ,脉冲热压机Pulse Heat Bonding Machine

COF bonder
COF bonder 双头液晶电视COF邦定机
单头COF邦定机 液晶电视维修设备 OL-FPD85

5.COF punching machine, cof cutting machine, COF冲裁机,COF冲切机

Pulse Heating Bonding Machine

6.Microscope, metallographic microscope, differential interference microscope, plasma cleaner, IC disassembler, etc.显微镜,金相显微镜,微分干涉显微镜, 等离子清洗机, IC拆解机 

Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine

7.Various consumables accessories, thermometer, pressure gauge, CCD, lens, bonding head, quartz strip, COF cutting tool, ACF tape, Teflon, silicone skin, backlight strip, tester, ACF removal solution, blue glue, Alcohol, electrostatic cloth and other consumables, 各种耗材,测温仪,测压仪,CCD,镜头,压头,石英条,COF裁切刀,ACF胶带,铁氟龙,硅胶皮,背光条,测试仪,ACF去除液,蓝胶,酒精,静电布等耗材

Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine
Pulse Heating Bonding Machine

8.COF screen / flexible screen / OLED screen / curved screen / FOF bonding machine one stop solution..COF屏/柔性屏/OLED屏/曲面屏/FOF邦定机 整套邦定生产方案

Pulse Heating Bonding Machine


Shenzhen Olian, professional in Bonding machine over 10 years. Welcome you visit us any time. Thank you .

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