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COG /COF Main-bonding machine

COG/IC/COF Main-bonding machine

1.1  COG /COF Main-bonding machine,This device is a manual hot press, which is a device that performs bonding again on the Panel with pre-attached IC to achieve the connection between the IC and the corresponding circuit of the Panel. Suitable for 1″~12″ Panel hot pressing.

Shenzhen Olian, Professional LCD/LED/OLED Bonding Machine Manufacturer.

Design&Make the best and latest IC/COG/COF/FPC/FOG/FOB/COF/    OLB/PCB/TAB/ACF Bonder/Bonding Machine for TV/Cellphone/Watch/Touch/Laptop Screens produce and repairing.



                                              COG Double Head Servo Main-bonding machine (Marble) OL-C012


                                         COG Double Head Servo Main-bonding machine (Marble) OL-C008

COG Triple Head Main-bonding machine (Marble) OL-C006

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Date 03 7月, 2020

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