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Bonding machine parts & accessories

Bonding machine parts & accessories

Bonding machine parts : Bonding head, COF Adjuster,XY adjuster,XYZ adjuster,Camera Adjuster,Heating part,Copper braided wires,Pulse heating transformer,Tape structure,Crystal glass strip,Crystal Glass Strip Base, Cylinder,Lens,CCD Camera,Spot light,HIM Touch screen,PLC,Micrometer,Micro platform,Screen spliter,Heating tube,Display,Pressure regulator,Vacuum pump,Semaphore,The electromagnetic valve,thermostat,Buttens……

Bonding machine accessories:ACF tape for glass ise, ACF tape for PCB side, ACF Remover liquild G450,Hitachi Blue Glue,Acetone Liquid BT-H1,Alcohol ,Alcohol bottles ,Teflon tape, Silicone tape,Static Wipe Cloth Wipper,Cotton swabs,Nano Sponge,Heating Solder Iron 30W +T-Type Soldering Tips,Removing Wind Station Hot Air Gun 825+Fan,COF Cutter,LVDS CABLES,LCD Test Board,LED tester,T-CON board, main-board,Correction tester ,Allen Key ,Precision Tweezers,Handheld Magnifier,Microscope,Air Compressor,

TV repairing accessories: COF IC, Polarizer film,Back light, Opencell.T-CON board,Main board,Sidebar,Power supplier, Cables,PCB Adapter,Tapes…..


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Date 08 7 月, 2020

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